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A Note From Our Green Suppliers

What We Do

We are the leading manufacturer and distributor of feather fiber reinforced Bioplastic Composite Resins in the world and the manufacturer and distributor of the best oil sorbent commercially available the Enviromental BioProtector. We partner with companies to formulate bioplastic composite resins suitable for the desired application.

Why We Blend Feathers with Polymers

We believe the future of sustainable plastics is now! Conservation and sustainability does not need to compromise functionality or affordability. Our feather fiber reinforced bioplastic resins:

  • Create an affordable, functional, and more sustainable bioplastic alternative
  • Avoid disrupting global population food demands
  • Reduce landfill waste by eliminating poultry feathers from the waste stream
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of downstream processors
  • Reduce the plastic industry's reliance on crude oil and natural gas

How We Blend Feathers with Polymers

We have engineered custom, proprietary, patented processes that:

  1. Process poultry feathers into a fibrous reinforcement additive
  2. Compound processed feathers with resins and additives using twin screw extrusion
  3. Pelletize material into resin pellets

These resin pellets are shipped to our domestic and international partners who convert them into end products.

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